The injured musician- a taboo subject?

I just wrote a new post for Music Teachers Helper blog on musicians and injury from a personal standpoint. I’m getting better at being open about what has in the past been a very difficult and painful subject for me, and you can read the article here.

2 Responses to “The injured musician- a taboo subject?”

  1. I just read your very well written article. I feel so much for you. I have had RSI, and tinnitus, but both have subsided thankfully, so I can partially, but not fully relate to your loss. I’m glad that you have found another joy in your life, and I comend you for sharing your story!

    I’m sorry to had to lose something to precious, but I am glad you have found something else. You are a very good, and clear writer – I hope you write more ­čÖé

  2. Tom Stuart


    It was a pleasure discovering your blog. I’m currently writing a screenplay about a piano player’s relationship with his instructor. However so far, very little information seems to sufficiently express the perspective of the instructor and authenticity is absolutely important to this story. I imagine you must be busy, but if you ever have any time I’d love to ask you some questions about piano instructing.

    Thank you,
    Tom Stuart

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