Listening to music on line

My new blog entry is out on Music Teachers Helper, about all the fabulous online music libraries out in cyberspace.

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  1. In Australia we cannot get Pandora or Spotify.
    I am a big fan of theclassicalshop. Although not at all the same concept as free music streamers I can download lossless compressed CD for about 10 pounds and make a high quality disc from it and play it over our moderately speccy hifi. Which has to be a better listening experience than streaming.
    Theclassicalshop is owned by chandos but sells many many labels and for a student of the piano its a goldmine especially since it has many pedagogical works normally eschewed by the famous performers. I can download a track at a time for a small price and make a collection of repertoire to be played. For this purpose I choose lossy mp3 format.
    If pandora ever overcomes its copyright issues and returns to our shores, I’ll be looking to adding new device to our hifi (do we say hifi these days?) to accomodate it. However, I still like to hold a physical disc with a pretty label when I pay for music.

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