Postcard from L.A.

Torrential rain, floods, mudslides, earthquakes, drought, wildfires…it’s a myth that the sun shines all the time in Southern California. What is true is that some of the most… how shall I put it… unusual people in the world live here.
A few recent examples:
The world’s smallest dogs live here. Known as ‘teacup’ dogs, they can be easily placed in an average-sized handbag and go everywhere with their (usually) bud-vase shaped owner. Recently in Beverly Hills, I saw two pet pooches out for a walk, each wearing miniscule red shoes. Presumably their feet were so unused to touching the ground that special arrangements had to be made.
The following evening, on the same street, I passed a small pug on wheels. His back legs were held immobile above the ground, and underneath them was a minute metal construction on two wheels, as if he were pulling his own carriage- his own undercarriage, in this case!
This is the place where not only do people I know regularly consult an animal communicator, one has even been known to hire a baby communicator.
Finally, I recently saw an advert for a haircut with a difference. A lady in Topanga Canyon (home of the ultra hippy-dippy) is offering haircuts “based on the rules of sacred geometry”. I’ve decided to offer a prize for the best explanation.
To follow: SoCal at its best – aka “Why I live here”.