The Singing Man

Photo: Aeioux– A Man Passes on a Bicycle

It’s 4 o’ clock and the Singing Man has just gone by.

Every day at around this time, a man rides by our house on his bicycle singing long, luscious tenor notes. The first few times, I thought it must be someone drunk –a sad reflection of growing up in England where no-one ever sings on the street unless they’re staggering home from the pub on a Friday night– but having seen this man, he seems to be riding straight and looking pretty alert.

I have a feeling that he may have some learning difficulties. What he does have is a beautiful natural tenor voice. He’s never singing anything resembling a melody– just gorgeous long notes. His enthusiasm and joy are infectious. It must feel really good. I love hearing him. I was also thinking today that he’s probably really healthy. All that cycling and singing is a great combination! All together now, “I want to ride my bicycle…”

One Response to “The Singing Man”

  1. Just to add that we met the Singing Man on the street the other day and had the following exchange:

    S.M.”How are you?
    Us: Good, How are you?”
    S.M.” Very good! You know, every day God gives us another day and it’s WONDERFUL! God bless you forever!”

    He was so joyful that it was a striking moment, and we went on our way uplifted.

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