Letter to Krystian Zimerman

Krystian Zimerman recently announced that he has decided not to perform in America any more after his current commitments are completed, as a response to recent American politics. When I informed my husband, he decided to write an open letter to Mr. Zimerman, which I find eloquent and convincing.

One Response to “Letter to Krystian Zimerman”

  1. Donald Nordeng

    Dear Robert,

    I am very impressed that you would take the time to open a dialog with someone who refuses open dialog. Perhaps this is a lesson for us all: Dialog is not always an option. Mr. Zimmerman had to learn that lesson the hard way and paid the price with his piano. For him it must be like losing a good friend. I don’t blame him for not wanting to return.

    By the way, the planes do fly the other way too.

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