Genius at Work

Last weekend Robert and I drove from L.A. to San Francisco with one specific aim in mind- to hear Martha Argerich in concert at Symphony Hall. The last time I heard her was in London at least five years ago, and I could feel something had been missing from my life.

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Postcard from L.A.

Torrential rain, floods, mudslides, earthquakes, drought, wildfires…it’s a myth that the sun shines all the time in Southern California. What is true is that some of the most… how shall I put it… unusual people in the world live here. A few recent examples:

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Milt the Magnificent

Today I have the honor to refer you to the site of someone who has recently become a hero of mine. Milton Mermikides is a 30-something professional musician, composer and teacher in London who was recently diagnosed with leukemia and has been in hospital ever since. He immediately put up a website from his hospital

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Sounds of Alarm

Lots of alarm about “the future of classical music” on some of the blogs I read today. What occurs to me is that one of the reasons that people are so alarmed by this idea is that they don’t regard classical music as just music. It has to be kept separate and elevated, ideally in

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