I recently returned from a trip to Sydney, and was drawn as usual to the fabulous wildlife. Here’s my first attempt at videoing my favorite Australian inhabitant– the duck-billed platypus. When underwater, playpuses (platypi?) close their ears, eyes and nose and navigate by a kind of radar. They are monotremes, which are egg-laying mammals, and …

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James Valentine Peake

On January 24th, our first child, James, was born. He only lived three days. It’s hard to put into words what this has meant to me. For a beautiful tribute to him, please visit my husband’s site if you are so inclined.

Postcard from L.A.

Torrential rain, floods, mudslides, earthquakes, drought, wildfires…it’s a myth that the sun shines all the time in Southern California. What is true is that some of the most… how shall I put it… unusual people in the world live here. A few recent examples: