Valerie Kampmeier

Valerie Kampmeier

Photo: Whitney Hartman

Valerie Kampmeier, M.A., B. Mus. Hons. (Univ. of London), brings to her work decades of performance experience as a successful classical pianist, as well as over twenty-five years working as a teacher, coach and conductor in Britain, Europe and the U.S. with some of the world’s most talented musicians (for detailed resume, click here).

An injury that brought her career as a performer to an abrupt halt in her mid-thirties also caused her to question many aspects of musical performance training.

In order to have a more profound understanding of her own challenges and those of others, she undertook years of intensive personal growth work which culminated in a Masters’ degree in Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica, a unique program that has become internationally renowned for its ability to positively transform the lives of its students, and subsequently their clients.

As a result, she is able to offer both top-level professional musical assistance and empathic and expert life coaching. Her approach combines a genuine warmth and a well-developed sense of humor with intelligence, intuition and sensitivity. She has a deep respect for the inner wisdom of her clients in their quest to discover their own answers.

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Facilitating Creative Freedom in Performance

At the PIanoWhen I was an active and successful concert pianist playing recitals in Britain and across Europe, one of my main focuses was practice. I was most often playing repertoire chosen by others, as I was a collaborative pianist working with singers and instrumentalists. One moment I would be working on a Brahms cello sonata, the next a Messiaen song or an operatic ensemble by Verdi. I loved the variety of repertoire and performers — but I often would feel anxious as the performance date grew nearer. With so much repertoire to prepare, practice time was frequently limited, and on the evening of the performance I would find myself backstage thinking:
“If only I had one more week to practice…I’m just not as good as I should be…. Call yourself a professional….I wonder if I’ll make some big mistakes… I wonder what (fill in the blank) will think…”. Continue reading

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