Valerie Kampmeier

Valerie Kampmeier

Photo: Whitney Hartman

Valerie Kampmeier, M.A., B. Mus. Hons. (Univ. of London), brings to her work decades of performance experience as a successful classical pianist, as well as over twenty-five years working as a teacher, coach and conductor in Britain, Europe and the U.S. with some of the world’s most talented musicians (for detailed resume, click here).

An injury that brought her career as a performer to an abrupt halt in her mid-thirties also caused her to question many aspects of musical performance training.

In order to have a more profound understanding of her own challenges and those of others, she undertook years of intensive personal growth work which culminated in a Masters’ degree in Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica, a unique program that has become internationally renowned for its ability to positively transform the lives of its students, and subsequently their clients.

As a result, she is able to offer both top-level professional musical assistance and empathic and expert life coaching. Her approach combines a genuine warmth and a well-developed sense of humor with intelligence, intuition and sensitivity. She has a deep respect for the inner wisdom of her clients in their quest to discover their own answers.

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dream by damselfly58

A while ago, I began to realise that a strange thing was happening to me. Every time I was invited to a wedding, something went terribly and bafflingly awry.

 When one of my best friends asked me to bring something meaningful to place on the altar at her wedding  I knew just the thing– a beautiful wooden statue of two people kissing, closely entwined. I got up early that morning, and it was not until I was halfway to work that I realised that I had left the statue behind. I couldn’t risk being late for my students, so I had to resign myself to attending the wedding without the statue, and hoped my friend wouldn’t mind. She was gracious about it at the time, and it wasn’t until much later that she let on that she had been deeply disappointed. Continue reading

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