How is Life Coaching More Than Just Career Coaching?

Life coaching encompasses certain aspects of career coaching. Career coaching primarily addresses career goals, whereas in life coaching, we take a look at your whole life, to make sure that you are not achieving in one area only to sabotage another. Simply put, life coaching gives you the opportunity to take your whole life to a higher level and to engage with it in a more conscious and meaningful way.

If you say you really want something, but are not going after it, there are always underlying reasons. Life coaching can work to diffuse resistance by addressing limiting beliefs and getting clear about what will work for you. Sometimes, just figuring out what you really want—versus what you think you ought to want—can be liberating. The right steps, and the energy to take them, come forward naturally when you get in touch with your true enthusiasm. And what fulfills you as an individual will motivate you to succeed far more than any external goal or amount of career coaching toward that goal.

Having been a professional classical musician for decades, I understand the risk of artists focusing on achievement solely in the area of practice and performance, to the detriment of health and fitness, the ability to engage in meaningful relationships or even to relax and have fun. For this reason, I don’t hold a specific agenda for my clients in terms of what they ought to be doing, or what success should mean to them, but instead am committed to supporting each client unconditionally, to bring forward the most supportive choices for them individually, each step of the way.

So, whether you have just graduated from college, and are wondering what’s next, or perhaps you have been a professional for decades, but are starting to feel adrift—whether you are considering changing career, or just need to be at your best in the one you’ve worked so hard to establish—Life Coaching for Creative Artists can help you take a look at your values, dreams, and goals to make sure the next step you take is the right one for you. Using a proven, structured, and highly supportive approach, Life Coaching for Creative Artists can transform confusion and resistance into lasting and sustainable success.