How I Work

The coaching system I’ve developed incorporates three phases:

1. Identification

  • Working out what matters to you and what you really want in life- not what your parents told you or what anyone else imagined for you, but your personal goals and dreams.
  • Making sure that what you want lines up on a deep level with your values, so that you begin to feel more fulfilled and deeply satisfied in whichever areas you wish to focus on- work, career, relationships, health, creative expression, etc.

2. Action

  • Deciding on concrete next steps in the area of focus, and committing to regular action. Being willing to be accountable.
  • Dealing with resistance. Being willing to look below the surface. Coaching can accelerate you through areas of resistance, using a rich toolbox of options built up over decades of teaching and consulting with professional musicians and other artists.
  • Course correction: being willing to be flexible and focused in your approach to challenges, learning to stay in the moment like a martial artist and adjust to situations as they arise.
  • Developing the ability to be resilient through self-support, self-awareness and meaningful connection.

3. Reflection

  • Coaching can assist you in tracking your trajectory, learning from your experiences, acknowledging your wins, spotting opportunities you might not otherwise see which will stretch and expand you. We all have our blind spots and having a supportive professional to consult with can expand your field of vision considerably.

Over time the work tends to become more and more customised, as I get to know your strengths, areas of challenge, personality, etc.  It’s such a delight to be able to contribute to the lives of artists, and I find the work immensely rewarding. I look forward to assisting you toward ever-greater success.