Milt the Magnificent

Today I have the honor to refer you to the site of someone who has recently become a hero of mine. Milton Mermikides is a 30-something professional musician, composer and teacher in London who was recently diagnosed with leukemia and has been in hospital ever since. He immediately put up a website from his hospital bed, brought in all his musical instruments and equipment, and began an outpouring of creativity which would be stunning from someone in perfect health, let alone someone who is have ing such intense health challenges. He has so far produced 29 videos and five pieces, including one based on abstract electronic music completely based on his blood results!
He radiates energy, enthusiasm, talent and humor. As Milt says,
“When confronted with your own mortality, it tends to focus the mind somewhat. Very quickly my priorities were established and my life has improved considerably as a result. All that matters now are:
Leukaemia has enhanced my experience of these four elements so dramatically that my life is now incomparably BETTER. This has been worth every drop of pain, many times over, and if I could go back? I would pick it again.”

Hi site has received many thousands of visitors so far and Milt responds to every message left in the guestbook, despite an arduous schedule of chemotherapy treatments. He is also encouraging visitors to donate blood and bone marrow.
What fascinates me about Milt is that his creativity appears to have been enhanced by what many people in his shoes might have regarded as a catastrophe. Maybe his feeling that he has no idea how much time he has left has given him a sense of urgency. Maybe he was already super creative. Either way, he is an inspiration, and a reminder to me that there’s no point in waiting for the perfect ciecumstances in order to fulfil your dreams. Milt, I got it- just do it!