The courage to grow

I’ve been finding Michelle Bennett’s recent posts on her blog very thought-provoking. She’s been extremely courageous in revealing her inner challenges as a student and a professional singer, and how these have led her to psychotherapy and inner work alongside her musical life. So often musicians, like any professionals, are extremely hesitant to reveal anything less than perfection. Yet, the reality is that we are all dealing with inner challenges every day. And, as Michelle says:

“There is no doubt that the process of facing one?s self is hugely difficult, especially if, like many artists, you have been hurt badly or are very sensitive. I would wager that most people will never do it because of the enormous effort required and pain of the task. It is an odyssey.”

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Training musicians to be enterpreneurs

Christopher Foley pointed out an article today on his excellent blog, written by Kerry Miller of Business Week on “Teaching Musicians to be Entrepreneurs”. As soon as I saw the title, it felt like a no-brainer. Of course musicians need to be entrepreneurs! What a wonderful initiative! Yet, the proposals in several prestigious institutions in the US have apparently met with a certain amount of resistance and skepticism.
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