How do you define success as a performing artist?

Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on Unsplash Say you’re a singer going for auditions. If you’re only regarding the audition as a success if you get the job, then probably (considering the saturated marketplace) many of your auditions will be “failures”. It’s also possible that you’ll be so worried about making a good impression and pleasing …

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Expressing Creativity in Uncertain Times

Photo: David Hofmann

I never imagined that the many limitations enforced by coronavirus would act as a creative stimulus, but constraints can push us into new and unexpected territory. As artists, we often find it useful to impose deliberate constraints upon ourselves as a way of firing up new ideas.

Impro as a Lifestyle

Recently, I’ve been taking theatrical impro classes which culminate in a public show, and they’ve sparked lots of ideas in me. Our teacher, Remy is extremely imaginative and adventurous, and so we never know exactly what we’ll be doing from one moment to the next. However, we do generally start the class with a warm-up. …

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